Relations with the environment

An accelerator operation will require coordinating different areas of activity.

Public Institutions

Accelerators in ePionier program of the National Centre for Research and Development are meant to do projects for the “public institutions”. They were defined very widely: “public entity or any other entity to which a public body entrusted or ordered the execution of a public task”.

Institutions that confirmed the participation in the accelerator (signed the letters of intent): 


The project will be supported by different units.


Ernst & Young Business Advisory

It will give the accelerator’s team the knowledge and experience of the implementation of ICT projects and cooperation with public institutions. The company has a large, long-term and international experience in ICT solutions matching the needs of the public (and others). It also will provide support for the commercialization of the developed solutions. In particular, it will be concerned with obtaining external investors and joint implementation of projects and technical business.

NCBR (The National Centre for Research and Development)

Under the ePionier program, NCBiR granted the accelerator a sum of 10 million PLN ($2.5m).

"Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies" Stream

The group of experts was created in July 2016 in accord with the decision of Minister Anna Streżyńska within the ‘Paperless & Cashless’ program. One of its purposes is to enable application of blockchain technology for government and business. Several Stream experts support the accelerator and its interdisciplinary teams with their knowledge and experience as mentors.


It is a Blockchain technology accelerator in Zurich. The head of this accelerator is one of the mentors in our project. Nexussquared is interested in connecting investors from West Europe with companies that the accelerator support, if the suitable business opportunity will be identified.


We are open for cooperation with external investors (companies and individuals): w:

– To finance the accelerator,

– To finance accelerated companies.



BioInfoBank Institute (co-founder of the accelerator) has funded a computing center worth 2.5 million PLN ($600k).

Venture Inc

Polish VC fund, which is interested in financing projects which based on blockchain technology.

BiB Seed Capital

Seed Capital Fund of BioInfoBank declared an interest to enter as an incubated company.

Sunfish Partners

Sunfish Partners is a venture capital fund from Berlin which invest in startups in their early-stage of development.

Global Network Application

It is an investment Fund led by Aleksander Lesz. He was the director of department of computer science in Bank PEKAO S.A,1980-1989. Later on, he started Softbank Company that is listed among top-valuated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (later acquisitioned by Asseco Poland).


It is the first seed capital fund in Poland that invested in cryptocurrency services. It confirmed interests in investing in the accelerator’s companies.