Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology

Project aimed at solving important social and economic problems of public institutions in Poland co-financed by the National Research and Development Centre. The total value of the project is 2.8 million euro.


Blockchain is a data-based technology and a transaction system at the same time. It solves the problem of lack of confidence – since this technology has a high level of cybersecurity.

There is no possibility to counterfeit the relations among units and nobody could hack its cryptographic security.

Blockchain can connect devices and make the base for creating “Internet of Things” (IoT) economy.

Blockchain was first used in 2009 for accounting transactions using a cryptocurrency named Bitcoin.

Since that time, hundreds of types of blockchains have been created. One of the most original blockchains is Ethereum, which allows for the so-called smart contracts.

Venture Scanner estimated (3rd quarter of 2016) that about: 

blockchain startups

Were set up around the world.

It is a brand new market and its value is constantly growing.

Potential of this technology has not been fully discovered yet. Gartner firm sees the majority of BCT application is in manufacturing industry, health care, education and public sector. For example, the e-government in Estonia is based on blockchain.

Estonia – many blockchain applications in the area of e-government and e-health.

GuardTime signed a strategic agreement with European Organization of Security in 2016. The EU will invest €450 million in a call for proposals to “innovative solutions for cybersecurity”.

According to the World Economic Forum, blockchain will be one of the most important technologies for the future of banking field (payments, insurance, loans and deposits, acquisition of capital and investment management).”.

Interestingly, the 70 biggest bank and firm consortium in the world (among others: Barclays, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Santander) founded R3CEV company that works on its own blockchain.

Blockchain accelerators around the world

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Blockchain potential for public institutions 

Currently, most of applications of the blockchain technology are cryptocurrencies. E-government application is already blockchain-enhanced in Estonia, Dubai and several countries in Africa and Latin America.

In 2016, there were no blockchain applications in the Polish public sector. We hope that the implementation in public institutions, thanks to the Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology, will give examples to stimulate the commercial applications, which will contribute to the increase of international innovativeness of Polish companies.

There are issues which cannot be safely solved using other technologies. Besides, the use of this technology provides solutions that are cheaper, safer and more transparent and undeniable.  Blockchain isn’t “good for everything,” though. 

We propose the use of technologies based on blockchain first to solve some problems identified and described in the government program “From paper to digital Poland.” They are important from the perspective of socio-economic development of Poland.

We are also open to other possible applications of blockchain technology – including commercial entities. Please contact us for leaving your suggestions.