Accelerator is recruiting projects which based on blockchain technology during the announced recruiting well ahead of time. Teams that want to get acceleration must go through the next stages of recruitment, beginning with completing the form at the bottom of this page.

Selected projects will sign the agreement of acceleration with Polsih Accelerator of Blockchain Technology, in which its principles will be precisely defined.  In addition to the mentoring support provided by the team of experts (business representatives, scientists, lawyers and IT professionals), the selected projects will receive financial support. Depending on the specifics of the project, the funds and the fulfillment of specific requirements will be derived either from NCBiR under the e-Pioneer program or from collaborating venture capital funds.

Recruitment will proceed in accordance with the applicable rules (EU competition law, etc.). It will also be open to people from abroad.






We want to employ 60 members of interdisciplinary teams during our project (3 years). Interdisciplinary team receives remuneration for its members in the form of civil law contracts (no contracts of employment or sales invoices are allowed).

The correctness of spending will be examined by an audit conducted during the project.


The functioning of the accelerator and of teams will be supported by the participants of the “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies” Stream functioning under the Paperless & Cashless.  Teams will receive a support in the form of a different advice (technical, business, law, marketing, PR, science) by mentors and experienced cryptocurrency startups.

An access to specialized data center to authorize blockchain transactions will be provided.

In addition, startups will have the opportunity to use advanced knowledge of blockchain technology, including our own software solutions.



The final effect will be the commercialization of MVP. The accelerator will take up to 20% of the intellectual property rights of the MVPs.

Supported startups will be allowed to sign a contract following the pre-commercial procurement procedures after producing their MVP and completion of tests within an institution. It will help to develop a prototype for a fully scalable solution.

At this stage it will be possible to attract external investors. VC companies usually like startups with ready and tested prototypes, which have been checked for practice, and have client for their solutions. We hope that some startups will be publicly-listed in the stock markets.